Buyers Top 10 Wish List


You probably know that to sell your home for top dollar, you want to have it cleaned, decluttered and staged exceptionally well. All of these are true, and today we’ll be sharing what we’ve experienced buyers are looking for when putting together their wish list.


  1. Modern, open kitchen. The kitchen is where people gather, and connection happens! Most new homes today offer large islands attracting conversation and laughter. An open design allows for people to gather in different spaces while still being in one large room.
  2. Bathrooms. With most families needing to get ready in the morning to head off to work and/or school, the number of bathrooms in a home hits high on wish lists. It is rare to see a family of 4, 5, or 6 willing and able to share one bathroom only. Master baths that provide retreat and spa like spaces have become increasing popular, particularly with newer homes.
  3. Storage. People tend to have more stuff than they need. Even when we don’t need more stuff we tend to keep buying more anyway. Buyers are always paying attention to how much storage is available. If you have small closets and want to create more space, consider contacting California Closets for a free consultation.
  4. Spare bedroom. Most families today need a minimum 3-bedroom home, however more and more we see buyers seeking out 4 and 5 bedrooms. In many countries two, three, even four siblings share a single room, however in Canada this is rare. Today’s families want every child to have their own bedroom and for some even their own bathroom.
  5. Upper laundry. In most modern homes the laundry area has been brought up to the main or upper floor, along with cabinets, counter space and sometimes even a sink. The more convenient the laundry space is for accessibility and function, the better.
  6. Home office or playroom. Depending if buyers are a young family or professionals they’re seeking an extra space for either a home office or playroom. Buyers want to see toys and to do’s tucked away in a designated space so that they can protect personal elements within their home.
  7. Energy efficient upgrades. When buyers are shopping older homes, they want to see energy efficient upgrades complete such as updated shingles, windows, high-efficient furnace, programmable thermostats, insulation, energy efficient appliances and more. As they put out a lot of money to purchase a home they want to add up monthly savings when and where possible.
  8. Sufficient garage space. With cold winters, buyers want to know there is sufficient space to park two vehicles and have a storage space for various outdoor games, maintenance items, tools and more.
  9. Outdoor living spaces. Buyers are looking for a home to feel like home both indoors and outdoors. Attractive outdoor spaces like a good-sized deck, patio furniture, a gazebo, privacy, trees and shrubs invite added appeal. As we transition into the winter months provide photos of your outdoor oasis so that buyers can envision what to anticipate all year long.
  10. Move in condition. With increased commitments, buyers have less time for cleaning and upgrading themselves. What a joy it is to find the right home that is also in ‘move in’ condition. Perhaps there are improvements the buyers would like to make in time, however nothing is an urgent need.


If you plan to sell your home and it does not have many of these top 10 items, not to worry. We work diligently to ensure the best features of your home stand out for all to see!


Whether you plan to buy or sell, if you’re in the market for a new home and don’t already have an integrity driven, professional Realtor working for you, feel free to call or email us. It’d be our honour to help you in any way we can.


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