If you’ve ever lived next door to a not so good neighbor, you know the frustration it can bring. Where ideally, our home is to be a place filled with love and joy, having a bad neighbor can negatively affect home and family life. Caring enough to know your neighbors can positively impact their life and yours, while allowing your community to be a happier place to live. Here’s how you can open the door to being a good neighbor.


Introduce yourself. This may seem like the most obvious thing you can do, but how often have we heard of people who live next door to one another and don’t even know their name? This past year our kids changed schools and on the first day when taking our youngest to class, she got to know the student’s names in her pod immediately. Clearly, if you’re going to sit next to someone, it’s a good idea to know their name. Yet how often, do we as adults overlook this major step? Have we lost our desire to care enough about who other people are? Are we too shy to take the first step? Or are we just too busy? Whatever it is, and no matter how long it’s been, introduce yourself. You can even break the ice by admitting how awkward it feels, “I know it’s been 5 years, and I’m sorry I haven’t taken the opportunity to introduce myself. I am ___________.”


Be considerate. Our immediate neighbors include many babies, toddlers and young children. From time to time our kids are outside making noise past 9pm. While we don’t want to hold back our kid’s fun, while we also don’t want their noise to be the reason other families don’t get a full night’s sleep. This may mean asking them to come inside earlier than they’d like to or to quiet down a little after a specific time frame. Late night camp fires can be enjoyed without noise levels getting out of control. If you know it’s going to be a louder evening, give your neighbors a warning. Apologize in advance, assure them it won’t happen often. Better yet, invite them to the party!


Pets. Noisy and messy pets can be a source of frustration for anyone. Imagine you’re on your deck trying to enjoy a family BBQ, but the dog next store won’t stop barking. It completely changes the atmosphere of dinner. Some dogs bark so loudly you can hardly even carry a conversation nearby. If you’re struggling with your dog’s barking, consider seeking support from a dog trainer.

Secondly, this ought to go without saying; if your pet poops on someone’s lawn, clean it up. End of story.


Help one another. I remember being young and my mom asking our neighbors for sugar, milk and butter when a little was needed. Overall, we don’t do this anymore. Have we ever stopped to consider how much extra work and stress this creates? We know families who trade watching kids so they can have date nights. Free babysitting? Yes, please!

We can help with the little things like pulling in our neighbor’s garbage bin, shovelling their walkway or mowing their front lawn. We can help by having their kids over for an hour or taking them to the park so that they can catch up on some house cleaning, run a quick errand, or simply sit in silence. We can help by watching over one another’s home when out of town. Often we hear people say they’re less inclined to offer support as they fear being taken advantage of. This is so very rare. Let’s not hold back from doing good.


Share. Have you ever bought an item that was used only once or twice? Rather than spending the $100 or $200 what if you simply borrowed your neighbors instead? I know it can be hard to ask, but I really believe most people have a genuine desire to help, they just don’t get asked. Do you have a garden? If you know you won’t eat everything this season, could you offer some to others? Rather than spending all the extra time and money on doing it all on our own, what if we simply shared what we had and gave our excess?


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