Is Spring the Best Time to Sell Your Home?

Spring is without a doubt the most favorable season to sell your home as it marks the highest number of listings and sales throughout the year. In fact last year, our community experienced nearly 40% of it sales in the spring alone.  With the warmer weather, more daylight hours, tax refunds, and flowers in bloom, spring is the most active time for people to move.


Many families also prefer to purchase their new home and move in before summer vacation.  Parents are keenly aware that school registrations need to be dealt with, and would rather not to be loading a moving truck late August, but would still do so in order to settle in before the new school year.


Spring offers the best time of year to showcase your home. After a long winter, the first hints of tulips, daisies, and lilies seem to trigger the “moving bug” in many people. Yards tend to look their best in fresh bloom, when the leaves are on the trees.  Open windows allow the most natural light for an extra 5-6 hours each day, and as the sun is at it’s peak, it reduces dark shadows in and around the home.


It’s often easier to get your home ready for sale in the spring. Whether you’re painting inside or out, or doing a deep clean, there’s something about our revived energy and desire for fresh beginnings that motivate us to get things done at this time of year.  It’s also easier to maintain cleanliness without the wet winter muck tracking into your home, and closets being more open without bulky winter coats, heavy sweaters, etc.


If you’re selling a home in the high-end range and it’s not sold by the end of the spring, you can expect the summer months to be somewhat slower. Higher priced homes require buyers with deeper pockets, who tend to be vacationing over the summer months rather than looking for a home. Thankfully the fall season is not to far away for anyone who isn’t quite ready for a move yet.


Fall is considered the next best time to list your home on the market. Linked to the “back to school” mentality, with the leaves turning fabulous colors and nice cool crisp temperatures, you’ll have another good shot at selling your home.  Be prepared to keep up that curbside appeal as the weather changes.


While spring is the most favored time to sell, most properties will still sell at any time of year.   Remember, when you sell during the busiest time of the year you will face more competition, making it more important than ever that your home shows its best!  Although there are fewer buyers in the winter season, your competition is also less.  Having said this, there really is no wrong time to list your home to sell, because if you price your home right, and make every effort to present it in a superior way, chances are you will sell your property in a timely manner.


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