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Kristine Rustand has been a business owner for over 15 years, including 7 years in the real estate industry.  She’s passionate about giving her best, and ensuring excellence is the standard in everything she does. 

Kristine has been married for 9 years to Jason and together they have 2 daughters named Calley and Saylee. They love vacationing, camping, swimming, bike riding, play board games, going for walks and to the movies.  In her personal time Kristine loves to exercise, read, write, study, go for coffees, and hang out with friends and family.  Kristine is very active in the community.  She’s often recognized for her “Love the Skin You’re In” newspaper article.  She’s one of the many volunteer leaders at City Life Church.  She’s also volunteered with Leduc Jr. High, leading a program that encourages girls to discover their purpose and potential by encouraging healthy confidence and a positive self-image.

Kristine recently joined the team as their Client Care and Marketing Specialist. For Kristine, client care and marketing is all about creating a connection and adding value. She believes marketing is more about the clients, than it is about the team. Kristine is also a great team builder. From her 10+ years of working with both a personal and business coach, she has a keen understanding of what it means to promote positive growth, while also maintaining the highest level of integrity and excellence every time!