Pros and Cons to Buying a New vs. Resale Condo


There are significant differences between buying a new condominium and a previously owned (resale) unit. When deciding whether to purchase a new or resale condo, it is wise to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Some Pros of Buying a New Condo:

  • You can often get a lower purchase price (depending upon market conditions). Lower price points are often offered in the initial sales stages to get the project ‘up and running’.
  • If you buy early enough, you can get a better selection of units and location within the building.
  • You can get a broader range of upgrades (at agreed upon additional costs).
  • Condo fees are generally lower compared to buildings that are 5+ years old.
  • You’ll most likely get new home warranty protection.

Some Cons of Buying a New Condo:

  • If show suites are not available, you cannot see what you are buying and must rely on sketches and floor plans.
  • Your initial deposit will be tied up for the duration of construction.
  • You will most likely end up paying GST, which is often built into the purchase price.
  • Construction of your unit may be delayed from the original projected date.
  • You may move into your unit while construction continues in others, which can be noisy, dusty, and disruptive.

Some Pros of Buying a Resale Condo:

  • You get what you see, for the most part anyway.
  • There are no lengthy waiting periods before you can move in unless already agreed upon in writing.
  • Deposits are typically much lower for resale purchases.
  • You can check out the community in advance to see how well the corporation is run, and if other owners/occupants are agreeable with your needs and lifestyle.
  • Landscaping and grounds areas are complete and likely more mature.

Some Cons of Buying a Resale Condo:

  • You have fewer unit options to choose from within the building.
  • Older resale condominiums may require more maintenance and repair than new ones.
  • The amenities that you may find desirable (for example, a workout room, whirlpool, security features) may not be available.
  • Older resale units may not be as energy-efficient as newer units.
  • Major repairs may be coming due that could require a special assessment to the unit owners if the reserve fund is underfunded.

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