Surprisingly Smart Reasons to Buy a Home During the Holidays


Merry Christmas friends! The holidays are here again, and it’s the perfect time for … house shopping? We know the holidays are filled with family feasts and much-needed time off. And, while it might seem counter-intuitive to put a major purchase like a home on your shopping list, it really does make sense.

Don’t believe us? Check out these surprisingly smart reasons to let everyone else cash in Boxing Day sales while you make the purchase of a lifetime; a new home to ring in the New Year.


1. Less competition from home buyers

Most buyers take the month off to celebrate the holidays, attend parties, host out-of-town guests, and avoid trudging through deep snow and cold temperatures shopping for their new home. House shopping when fewer buyers are in the market can pay off big time.


2. Serious sellers

December sellers are more likely to be serious (and motivated), therefore more open to negotiation. What you may lack in choice of available homes could be balanced out by negotiating with a more flexible seller.

Some sellers have a compelling reason for putting their house on the market during the holidays such as facing a relocation. Others may also want a purchase contract in hand for tax advantages. If it’s a rental property on which they incurred a loss, they may want to take the deduction this calendar year.


3. A realistic picture of the property

What home doesn’t look amazing in the spring with newly planted flowers and plenty of sunlight streaming through the windows? Checking it out during the winter can give you a more accurate idea of what you might be living with for the rest of the year.

You can discover potential concerns that you’d notice only during the cold weather. Maybe a bedroom doesn’t get sufficient heat, or the front door gets jammed in icy conditions. Inspectors are less likely to catch these issues when they check them out of season.

There are alternative issues that could pop up more during summer will be less accessible in the winter. For example, you won’t know how well A/C works or what the shingles really looks like under all that snow.


4. Greater accessibility to professionals

Since December is usually a slower month all around, you will have easier access to movers, a Home Inspector, Realtor and mortgage broker.

If you’re ready to buy a home, or just want to talk with a local Realtor to learn more about the buying process give us a call. It is always our highest honour to help you in any way we can!


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