The right scents can help sell your home

Potential buyers walking through your home sense not only what they see, but also what they smell. You want to ensure the environment you provide is one of cleanliness, freshness, familiarity and warmth. This means you need to be intentional about the scents you choose. Many candles and sprays are loaded with chemicals, causing headaches in sensitive buyers. Therefore we recommend you choose simple, light and familiar scents that help to inspire buyers to be drawn into your home.  Today we’re sharing a few of our favorites with you.


Add citrus scents. Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Most buyers will spend more time in your kitchen than any other room, which means it must be sparkling clean and needs to smell great.  Freshen it up with a mild lemon or orange cleaner and add fresh citrus fruits to your fruit bowl to match the scent.


Use essential oils. Burning or diffusing essential oils right before a showing is a healthy and natural way to scent your home. You want to use oils that appeal to most people. Avoid strong, polarizing scents and go instead with a relaxing scent like lavender or uplifting scents such as grapefruit or peppermint. If you don’t have a diffuser, add a few drops to your lamps’ light bulbs; when you turn them on for the showing, the heat will release the scent into the room!  If you’d like more info or to order some oils, feel free to contact our friend Larissa Boettcher at 780-966-1703.


Add vanilla. Vanilla is one of those scents that almost everyone loves. Make your prospective buyers feel at home by leaving carefully hidden, open containers of vanilla extract around the house.  As the alcohol evaporates, the pleasant vanilla aroma lightly accents the room. If this is a little risky due to children or pets finding them, add a touch to your light bulbs and turn your lights on for your showing.


Boil cinnamon. In the fall and winter months, put on a pot of water to boil. Throw in a couple of sticks of cinnamon, and let it simmer on low an hour before your showing begins. Your home will smell spicy and warm, like you’re getting ready for the winter holidays.


Use Pine. With the holiday season just around the corner, many buyers will love the fresh pine scent of a Christmas tree when they walk in. If you’re going to put up a tree this year, choose a live tree over an artificial one. The wonderful scent of fresh pine will fill your home, and put potential buyers and guests in the holiday spirit.


Set out flowers. Flowers release a wonderful light fragrance into the room and set a good vibe. They represent life and beauty, inspiring potential buyers to lean in and take a full breath, producing a sense peace and calmness.


While all these scents can help sell your home, remember to keep your preferred choice light and natural. Too strong or complex of a scent can be just as distracting as a bad odour.


If you’re considering selling or buying a home, feel free to call or text me at 780-919-0004.  It is always our highest honour to serve you in any way we can!



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