Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

The JRT sign hung on the front lawn with care

In hopes that a buyer would soon be there


The sellers polished and cleaned day after day

“You want to be prepared for a showing”, we’d say

Dreams of an offer danced in their head

While visions of a winter move filled them with dread,, the Rep to name a few

Professional photos, Facebook, Instagram, & video too

Keep your hopes high, our marketing efforts continue to grow

Even though the holidays cause it to be a little slow


We got the call, a buyer is coming in two nights

Fantastic news, we will turn on all the lights

Come on kids, pick up the toys and clean up your room

No you can’t just sweep them under the bed with the broom.


We spoke with the buyer’s Realtor, an offer is on its way

You can expect to hear back from us later today

We have your offer, but it came in a little low

No worries, it’s the season, it’s the way it can go


We’ll negotiate your price, there’s no need to stress

Leave it all to us, we’ll do what we do best.

I called up the agent right on the spot

I asked, do you think they’ll accept the price or not?


Back and forth we go a little more

We’re almost ready to settle the score

That’s it, we did it, the buyer’s agree

Our sellers are happy and filled with glee


“Oh my!” they exclaim; we need a new house in 30 days

We need to shop and pack fast to get through this phase

We’ve got the right buyer’s agent just for you

Her name is Liz and she knows the urgency you’re in too


“We’ve got seven properties to choose from”, Liz said

Tomorrow we’ll find one that’ll fit your king sized bed

We looked and looked until the night was nearly done

And there we find it. This is it. It is ‘the one’


For us, it is an honor to be your real estate team

It’s more than selling houses; it’s helping you achieve your dream

As we reflect back, our hearts are filled with joy and delight

Merry Christmas to all, to all and good night!


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