Only a few months ago we spoke with a mortgage specialist who commented, “It’s not easy getting started in the mortgage business. It takes 100’s of deals to become confident enough to truly know your products and the right people you can depend upon for support along the way.”


We couldn’t agree more with his statement when it comes to being in real estate. Every client brings a new and unique experience. Surprisingly, after being a Realtor for over 11 years, I still encounter circumstances for the first time, some of which I need to call upon trusted lawyers or other professionals to ensure we’re giving the right advice to our clients.


Knowing this, it’s hard to hear people say, “It doesn’t matter who I work with. I just need a Realtor to get my home on MLS.” In any profession we will see some who work harder and serve more diligently than others. Real estate is far more than putting a sign on the lawn and photos on a website. It takes years of experience to know our market and to know how to market a home. Today we want to share reasons we believe it’s essential to choose the right Realtor.

1. The right Realtor will educate you, rather than ‘sell’ you. Most people don’t want to be ‘sold’, they want to be educated. When Realtors educate their clients, they provide them with all the details to help the client make an informed decision, while also providing professional advice which has been built upon years of experience and added support.


2. The right Realtor will connect and communicate with you. We’ve received many calls from frustrated sellers who say, “I haven’t heard from my Realtor in months. Can you help us?” Sadly, the answer is “no”. As long as you’re tied into a contract, another Realtor cannot ethically advise you about what options you have. That is a conversation you need to have with your Realtor. When you’re no longer in a contract, then another agent may be able to help.

When you hire the right Realtor though, these worries are far less of a concern. You receive ongoing communication, even when you aren’t receiving a lot of showings. As a Realtor this is probably the hardest part of my job. I want to do everything possible to help a client sell their home and it feels helpless when there aren’t as many showings as we intended for. Sometimes this is how the market goes. We can do everything possible to market a property to reach buyers, however, we cannot force anyone through the doors. Even so, the right Realtor remains connected with you each step of the way.


3. The right Realtor knows the local market. There is a difference in how well we know our Leduc and surrounding area market compared to say North Edmonton or Stony Plain. The reason is simple; we live here, we work here, therefore, we’ve walked through most homes here. We know the true condition of properties recently sold. We know when there were hindrances that affected the sales price such as a damp basement, pet or smoke odour. These are the things you cannot see simply by looking at photos and data online.


4. The right Realtor markets through social media. Social media marketing is one of the fastest and most effective ways to reach potential buyers. While it might be tempting to post your home for sale on your own social media page, chances are the people you reach are your own friends and family, who likely aren’t in the market to buy a home. If you’d like to reach more people both locally and nationally, then you want a Realtor who has a strong social media presence to help. This way, your home has the potential to reach hundreds of people in minutes through smart marketing techniques that help boost the viewers of your home.



5. The right Realtor knows how to negotiate the best. You may be a good negotiator when buying smaller items, however negotiating what likely is your largest asset is a much more complex situation. When it comes down to it, do you understand contract details, counter offers, condition dates, amendments, deposits and more? What if the offer is too low? What if the buyer wants to renegotiate after an inspection? Is a verbal offer a real offer? Does an accepted offer mean your house is sold?

Knowing what to do can feel difficult or impossible, especially if you haven’t dealt with it before. Working with the right Realtor increases effective negotiations. How? Through years of experience, proven negotiation strategies, and a genuine concern for your best interest. Having them as your buffer ensures you can keep emotions at a minimal during such an important financial decision.

It truly is a privilege to work in such an incredible community! We are very grateful to have many local, integrity driven Realtors who truly care about your needs. If you’ve considered buying or selling a home and don’t already have a local, integrity driven Realtor, it’d be our honor to serve you.

Jason Rustand with RE/MAX Real Estate serves with the highest level of integrity and excellence every time.  For more info on this topic or others related to real estate contact LIKE our Jason Rustand Team Facebook page, call Jason direct at 780.919.0004, email or visit



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