As you start to plan your upcoming purchase, you dream about the freedom to come like having a spare bedroom for guests and an extra bathroom so you don’t have to share. You see the beautiful deck with an outdoor fireplace, along with a chef’s kitchen with counter space to spare. The more you look, the bigger you dream, slowly adding another feature one by one.


Envisioning the future is a part of the incredible buying process. As we share today, our hope is that your future space is filled joy and laughter and leaves room to enjoy time together with those you love.  At times, we can get so caught up in the appeal of more space and added features that homeownership becomes a source of stress rather than joy. We can buy a beautiful house, but not feel ‘at home’.


To have a house where we can feel at home, we want to cover a few basic, yet very important necessities:


Budget. Establish a budget that allows space for emergencies to come up while still being able to enjoy the lifestyle you want to have. Mortgage brokers share the maximum you can afford; however, you may not want to spend that much. Determine how much you’re comfortable paying each month and ‘how much house’ that can buy you. A comfort range leaves room to ‘live’, and setbacks to occur without ‘breaking the bank’.

For an easy to use budget tool, go to Dave Ramsey is the founder of Financial Peace University and has helped thousands take control of their money and live happier. Even if you don’t plan to move, his free online resources can be the support you need to help clear some unwanted debt.


Lifestyle. What simple things do you enjoy doing? Do you like barbequing? Maybe a covered deck with the option to do it year round is important to you. If you have the gift of hospitality and enjoy entertaining, maybe the size of your kitchen is a key factor in your purchase. If you like to unwind by going for walks or bike rides, looking for an area with lots of paths is valuable. Thankfully, our community has grown our pathway system where they’re now in almost all newer neighborhoods.

Do you want easy access to parks for your kids? If you work in the city, is having easy access to the highway worth considering? Maybe you enjoy gardening and want to ensure your future yard has space to build one.

Maybe you’re one who doesn’t like kids that much. If so, moving to a young, family oriented neighborhood may not be the right decision for you. You may prefer an age restricted gated community.

These are all lifestyle factors that play a pivotal role when buying a home. The right property in the right neighborhood can give you the experiences you most desire.


Giving careful attention to your budget and lifestyle gives you room to feel at home while building your family’s future. If you’ve enjoyed our articles, check out our blog at If you or anyone you know has considered buying or selling a home, give us a call. It’d be our highest honour to serve you!


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